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The West Coast Offense is used by many successfully football teams today. For example,  Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks. Can this offensive system be implemented and effective on the high school level? YES! The material organized and presented here demonstrates the philosophy of the West Coast Offense and actual play schematics that can be implemented and used on the high school level. In fact, this web site is designed for the coach to get a basic knowledge of the philosophy and play schematics of the West Coast Offense.

The purpose of this web site is to provide a concise and organized overview of the West Coast Offense. Included in this site will be history, philosophy, basic offensive organization, base play schematics, and frequent updates. The material presented here is not original material written by the web site authors. The material here is from a variety of references. Our goal is to present this material in a concise, user-friendly manner to football coaches through out the U.S. in order to help coaches improve their respective teams.

The term 'West Coast Offense' has a two-fold meaning:

The prime example of this definition is of course, the San Francisco 49ers. Bill Walsh the offensive and organizational mastermind meshed this two part definition together into the most proficient and prolific offense of the modern football era.

Bill Walsh has stated the following, The term 'West Coast Offense' "... is an umbrella term for precision-timed passing, variable formations, and the exploitation of each player's skills."

In 'Finding A Winning Edge', Coach Walsh has also said, " The 'West Coast Offense' still amounts to nothing more than the total attention to detail and an appreciation for every facet of offensive football and refinement of those things that are needed to provide an environment that allows people to perform at maximum levels of self-actualization."

Therefore, Bill Walsh's West Coast Offense is not just a split back, short pass throwing offense, it's much more....