Laying out the Game Plan


The layout of a game plan is somewhat dependent upon the personal learning style of the head coach. Personal preference and sight lines play a part in the format for the development of the game plan. All game plans share several basic functional features, including:

Many formats exist, but regardless of the format used the offensive game plan should address a number of factors including a PRACTICED strategy for dealing with the situational, contingency, and reactive aspects of the offensive package.

As a general rule, coaches place pertinent information concerning their game plan on either a one or two page chart which they carry with them during a game in order to have immediate access to the information. Notice the two page sample game plan call sheet:

On the front page:

On the back page: I have provided four examples of game plan call sheets.

        1.  2 page Sample Call Sheet
        2.  1 page Sample Call Sheet
        3.  1 long page Sample Call Sheet
        4.  2 page Sample Pro Call Sheet
               Front Page
               Back Page
        5.  Front Side Pro Call Sheet
               Ravens Super Bowl Call Sheet